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Release Notes

  • March 2020
  • February 2020
  • January 2020
  • November 2019
  • October 2019
  • September 2019
  • Aug 2019
  • July 2019

What’s New - March 2020


  • ServiceNow and Zendesk now support screenshot back into the case

  • Screenshot button redesign

  • Multiple monitors has smaller popup window

  • MacOS - Reboot/Reconnect 

Bug/Performance Fixes

  • "Copy from remote" is now named "Remote Clipboard"

  • MacOS - Small UI fixes 

  • MacOS - Increased performance in low bandwidth sessions 

  • MacOS - Last uploaded file now has controls to open or view folder location 

Screenshot Redesign

Agents can now easily take screenshot of the customers screen right from the tool bar. There are 3 options that are presented:
Download to Computer - Screenshot will download to agents machine
Upload to User - Screenshot will be uploaded to customers machine and be shown under "File Transfer"
Upload to Case - Screenshot will be uploaded to CRM/ITSM case 

Switch Display Popup

We decreased the size of our switch monitor popup to free up screen real estate for the agent. Screen that is being viewed is highlighted in red and all monitors are positioned identical to the customers screen layout.

What’s New - February 2020


  • Screen annotation/laser pointer will be placed above opened application

  • Panning indicator for Zoom to Original Size

  • MacOS - Upload file progress bar

  • MacOS - Cancel uploading file

  • iOS - UI/UX Redesigned

Bug/Performance Fixes

  • Some agents were reporting session disconnected after reboot/reconnect, this is now resolved

  • Unsupported browsers listed for agents

  • Clipboard will not copy content if disabled

  • MacOS - Text would be cut off for laser pointer request

  • MacOS - Duplicate downloaded files

Zoom Panning

We added indicators to show where the agent is navigating during Zoom to Original Size 

iOS UI/UX Redesign

New UI/UX for our iOS app. Download our latest version from the App Store!

What’s New - January 2020


  • Clipboard enhancement

  • Zoom enhancement

  • Start with Remote Control/UAC

  • Linux Support

  • Report a bug on agent viewer

  • Salesforce 1.6 upgrade

  • iOS chat

  • iOS UI enhancements

Bug/Performance Fixes

  • MacOS - Uploading certain files would crash application

  • MacOS - Clicking terminal would open multiple terminal windows, it only opens 1 now

  • Windows - If a customer does not have local admin rights, a warning message is presented to the agent

  • Windows -Increased performance for sites with low bandwidth

  • Added multiline message support in chat

  • Better disconnection / reconnection management and user experience for agent

  • Agents could not invite other agents to session, resolved in Salesforce 1.6 upgrade

  • Misalignment reload icon within our salesforce widget

Clipboard Enhancement

We have revamped our clipboard workflow to make it easier for agents to copy content from the customers screen to theirs (agents) and vice versa. Once the agent enables clipboard, a small popup screen will appear to show what content is copied and allow the agent to copy it to their own machine.

Zoom to Original Size Enhancement

Once remote control/screen annotation and zoom to original size are enabled, the zoom will focus on wherever the mouse is placed. When remote control is enabled, simply move the mouse to the corner of the screen to beginning panning.This provides a simpler workflow for agents who have different resolution monitors compared to their customer.

Start with Remote Control or Admin

Agents will now have the ability to start with remote control or admin at the beginning of the session. If enabled, the session will start with these permissions granted and use any admin level tools at their disposal. On the customers side; the customer will run the application, a consent screen will be shown for remote control or admin, if the customer has local admin rights and allows consent the session will start. If the customer does not have local admin rights, a windows dialog screen will be shown to enter username/password of the admin group.

To active this feature: Sign in to console.screenmeet.com as an Administrator, then go to Organization -> settings and policies 

Report a bug

Agents can report a bug during an active session with a customer. Click on the Report a Bug on the bottom of the sidebar to begin a service desk ticket with the ScreenMeet customer support team. A tutorial on submitting a bug report can be viewed here.

What’s New - November 2019


  • Windows whiteboard

  • MacOS Catalina workflow screens

  • Windows/MacOS screenshot button

  • Survey added at the end of each session

  • Agent name can now be set to "Agent"

Bug/Performance Fixes

  • Laser pointer is now under the tool Screen Annotation 

  • File transfer can now be canceled during upload then re-uploaded 

  • Tools that are dependent on remote control are highlighted in the sidebar

  • If a session is paused, agents can no longer transfer files to the user

  • Made windows/mac tool window much smaller, giving more screen real estate to the agent

  • Clicking on the chat message in bottom right will now open the chat window on agents screen

Windows Whiteboard

ScreenMeet has added the ability to annotate/whiteboard on the users machine. After the user has accepted the request to whiteboard, agents have access to laser pointer, draw, shapes, brush, undo, and clear.

Colors: Red, green, blue

Shapes: Arrows (every direction), star, checkmark

Brush thickness: Small, medium, large

We have moved laser pointer from the sidebar and grouped it within screen annotation making it easier for agents to navigate to the tools they need.


Taking a screenshot of the user device has never been easier with our screenshot feature. Click on Screenshot and a popup window will appear with a still image of the users screen. Agents have 3 options for the screenshot: download screenshot, upload to user, or upload to the salesforce case or on the ScreenMeet cloud which is accessed through the console. Screenshot button is available for both Windows and MacOS

MacOS Catalina Workflow

With the newest MacOS update, Catalina, users must enable the ScreenMeet application through their privacy settings to enable screen recording and remote control. We have added instructions to do so, making it easier for the user to navigate to the appropriate pages. If the permission has not been set, after the user clicks allow on the dialog screen, a popup window will appear with instructions and a button to navigate to the appropriate settings panel. The same workflow has been added for remote control as well.

What’s New October 2019


  • Windows Tools

  • Mac Tools

  • MacOS Complete Redesign

  • MacOS Catalina Support 

  • iOS New Workflow for Screenshare

Bug/Performance Fixes

  • Agents are now limited to sending only 1 feedback after the end of each session

  • Edge browser would not allow you to resize the popup tools, this has now been fixed

  • On iOS, some cases where the end session wouldn't close the session entirely.

  • Camera icon is now properly placed within the CRM widget 

Windows Tools

We have completely redesigned our windows hotkeys and named it Windows Tools to make it easier for agents to find the tools they use most. Click on the windows tools on the sidebar will present the agent with 6 options: tools, custom tools, desktop, explorer, system, and run. We removed Run Commands from the sidebar and placed it within the windows tools retaining the same functionality and options as before. Also integrated is a search bar. Start typing in the search field with the tool you would like to use and it will automatically populate in the menu for you to select.

Mac Tools

Agents can easily navigate to Mac shortcuts on the user’s device. Open the Mac Tools on the agent sidebar to open the tools category. Clicking on any of these tools will automatically open on the user’s machine making it easier for the agents to troubleshoot.

MacOS Redesigned

ScreenMeet has completely redesigned its MacOS client to make it similar to windows. Our theme is more inlined with our logo and screens are mirror of windows to make it easier for agents to support both clients. This redesign supports MacOS dark mode theme as well!

What’s New September 2019


  • Reboot/Reconnect in Safe Mode

  • Feedback survey at end of session

  • Network connection signal bar - view connection stability mid-session

  • First/last name obfuscation - set whether end user can see agent first name, last name, or both

Bug/Performance Fixes

  • Fixed Firefox file transfer stability issues

  • Stability improvements for command line commands

  • After escalating to Admin, shield icon appears on title bar

  • Server side improvements to ensure faster connections and more stability

  • License agreement URL now points to our new webpage https://www.screenmeet.com, come check it out!

  • Fixed case description UI issue for sessions launched from ScreenMeet Console

Reboot Safe Mode

We have added the option to Reboot/Reconnect into safe mode. After escalating into UAC, agents will now have the ability to reboot the users machine into safe mode. Users are required to have a hardline connection to the network as Wi-Fi is disabled in safe mode.

Feedback Survey

Agents have the ability to give feedback after the end of their sessions. Select a start rating and write your experience of the session below. We at ScreenMeet review all candid feedback that is provided to us which helps us create and form a better experience.

What’s New August 2019


  • Low Performance Mode: Increase session stability for agents with low bandwidth

  • Connection Info: View stream connection metrics mid-session

  • Remote Clipboard: Copy text from end user’s device and paste to agent

  • Additional Windows hotkeys added to agent toolbar

  • Hitting Alt-F4 with ScreenMeet client in focus will prompt a confirmation popup

  • Windows 32 bit Support

  • MacOS Remote Clipboard

  • More MacOS hotkeys

Bug/Performance Fixes

  • Increased stability for Windows 7 users

  • Resolved Firefox agent keystroke mapping

  • Rewrote backend logic to improve stability at sites with low bandwidth

  • Improved timing for initial connection to session

  • MacOS system preference now opens if minimized

Remote Clipboard

Agents can now copy content from the user’s machine and paste it into their own device. After enabling remote control and toggling the clipboard link on, when the agent copies content on the user machine, it will be saved into their Agent Clipboard. After it is copied, a notification will appear on the Copy Remote Clipboard button in the sidebar. Select it, and then the agent can paste it into their own environment.

Connection Info

Agents now have the ability to view the connection speed between the agent and user during the session. At the bottom of the sidebar, click Connection Info, and a popup will appear with real-time measurement of connection metrics.


Low Performance Mode

During an active session, if the stream experiences interruptions or slowdown, an option to activate Low Performance Mode will be presented to the agent. After activating this mode, the session will resume with a lower quality stream but with more stability. If the agent chooses not to activate the low performance mode, and is still having connection issues, the software will automatically switch them into this mode.


What’s New July 2019


  • Hotkey Support

  • Remote UAC

  • Survey at end of session

  • Warning message before alt-f4 application

  • Win 32 compatibility

  • Windows Server Support (2008+)

  • MacOS Tools

  • MacOS Performance Slider

Bug/Performance Fixes

  • Windows 7 would disconnect randomly during the session

  • Multiple monitors would mislabel monitors

  • Language localization language was translated incorrectly

  • Windows tool minimizes if the browser is refreshed

  • PowerShell command no longer opens up a blank page

  • MacOS various UI fixes

  • Performance increases and better stability

Remote UAC Credentials

Agents can now enter in their administration credentials to grant UAC permission on the remote device. To enter in your admin credentials, go over to the Windows Tools section and click on UAC. A new popup will appear to either request local admin privilege or to request admin privilege with the agent’s credentials. This feature is for users that do not have local admin access and need someone to approve them to run admin level commands.

Windows Hotkeys

Agents have the ability to run window shortcuts on the user’s device. To initiate the windows hotkey icon to appear in the toolbar, first enable remote control. After remote control is enabled the Windows Hotkeys button will appear in the sidebar. After clicking this, a list of hotkeys will appear in a popup window. Clicking on a hotkey from the popup will trigger the action on the user’s machine. If you forget what each hotkey will trigger, simply hover over the button and it will inform you of the action.

Run Commands

Agents can run commands or scripts through the viewer. After the agent has selected Remote Control, the option for Run Commands will appear. Clicking this will open up a pop up window with the run command options.

PowerShell: Use PowerShell instead of Command Prompt when running the commands
Run as Admin: Run PowerShell or Command Prompt as administrator
Keep cmd terminal open after running: After running your command it will leave the window open so you can see the output. Default is for the command to run in the background, enabling this will leave the window open.
Run command on “Enter” key press: Toggling this will allow agents to execute commands after pressing enter rather than clicking Execute Command